Tweed Valley Hospital rezoning approved at Cudgen site

The new Tweed Valley Hospital is one step closer to eventuating, after the NSW government approved rezoning for the proposed site.

Despite various opposition from locals and the Labor party, the planning decision will allow development to take place at the Cudgen site.

The Minister for Planning, Anthony Roberts, said the decision will make way for the consideration of a development application, which was in doubt due to its previous zoning.


“Health Infrastructure have worked exhaustively to identify the best possible site for the new hospital which is why it is important that this parcel of land is zoned appropriately for the development.

“The Department of Planning has carefully considered the feasibility of rezoning the site for a health services facility which allows for the development to be considered.”

“The preferred location, on land west of Kingscliff opposite the TAFE, was identified after a comprehensive search of more than 50 sites.

“The site selection process is summarised in the Site Selection Report, published on the Tweed Valley Hospital Development’s website,” Mr Roberts said.

The $582m Tweed Valley Hospital project has become a contentious issue as New South Wales inches closer to an election, though Mr Roberts is certain that by going ahead with plans that have already taken years to prepare, they are making the right decision.

“Under the NSW Liberals and Nationals there is a clear timeline to deliver this life saving infrastructure, while the Labor party are peddling uncertainty to appease political donors,” Mr Roberts concluded.

The Opposition would choose to build the hospital in Kings Forest, which as a new site, would mean planning processes go back to square one, delaying the desperately needed hospital.