Twin babies shot in front of mother in horrifying murder-suicide

A mother has been left traumatised after her former partner allegedly forced her to hold her infant twin daughters while he killed them before shooting himself in a horrifying domestic incident.

PHOTO: Facebook

PHOTO: Megan Hiatt Facebook

Megan Hiatt, who lives with her father in Florida, was shot five times and forced to watch as her two five-month-old daughters, Hayden and Kayden, were both killed on November 13 by their 28-year-old father, Gawain Rushane Wilson.


Mr Wilson then shot Hiatt’s father before turning the gun on himself.

Megan was the sole survivor of the sickening attack.

Her mother, Melissa Bateh, told First Coast News in an interview that Wilson wanted to destroy her daughter’s life.

“He wanted to destroy her world. He wanted her to watch it be destroyed,” Bateh said.

A GoFundMe campaign created to raise money to pay for the funeral costs for the twins and their grandfather has so far raised over $20,000.

Photo: / meganrosehiatt

Photo: / meganrosehiatt