Twins, 6, raise $5000 for Currumbin Special School

SIX-YEAR-OLD Gold Coast twins Fynn and Kaya Baxter have ridden their bikes 100km and raised $5000 in just three days, all in support of the Currumbin Community Special School.

Inspired by their father’s participation in the 1,000km Condev Cares Life Cycle from Newcastle to the Gold Coast, Fynn and Kaya have participated in their own cycling odyssey at home.

Their proud Dad, Andy Baxter, a Project Manager at Condev Construction, founded the Condev Cares Life Cycle concept and pledged to use the funds raised to purchase new mobility equipment for the Currumbin Special School.


Keen to pitch in and help, Fynn and Kaya joined in the effort and have become two of the Life Cycle’s most successful fundraisers by securing $5000 within three days of beginning their ride.

“Fynn and Kaya have exceeded all expectations since being given their first road bikes in June this year,” Andy said.

“I’m incredibly proud of my two kids, who insisted on being involved in the Life Cycle even though they are too young for the main event.

“They get so much joy out of the mobility provided to them by their bikes and understand how much of a difference they can make for the children at the Currumbin Community Special School, who need special equipment to enjoy the same type of riding experience they love.”

The twins covered an incredible 42km on their bikes on Sunday, followed by another 12km on Monday, 25km on Tuesday and more than 12km on Wednesday.

Photo: Supplied

With the aid of Fynn and Kaya, the 70 riders involved in the Condev Cares Life Cycle have collectively raised more than $50,000 for the Community Special School, which will help fund the purchase of a suite of new mobility devices for its students.

The team completed their epic six-day 1,000km ride from Newcastle to the Gold Coast on Friday. Among the cyclists were Tour de France green jersey winner Robbie McEwan and dual football international Mat Rodgers.

The Currumbin Community Special School will use the donation to purchase two DUET Electro tandem bicycles, worth $12,100 each, two Rifton Dynamic Pacers, $5,332 each, and six HHS7 Handy Upright Handcycles, $1,500 each, worth a total of $43,864.

Condev Construction Managing Director Steve Marais said the Life Cycle has been a spectacular success as the first official fundraising event for Condev Cares, which was registered as a charity in December 2017.

“It will be wonderful to welcome home the cyclists and celebrate their incredible fundraising work to raise $50,000 for the Currumbin Community Special School, and we are on our way to exceeding $70,000 in total by the end of the ride,” Mr Marais said.

“Condev Construction has a lengthy track record of fundraising and community work. To see Condev Cares launch with such a huge success supports our decision to launch a stand-alone charity to continue our philanthropic work.

“Condev Cares aims to have a long-term positive impact in the local community by raising funds for worthy organisations, promoting an active lifestyle and building relationships between people.

“We want to create generational change that evolves over time and enables lives to be changed forever.

“That’s what we are about and that’s our end game. This is just the start.”