Twins about to embark on life changing journey to France

IN three weeks, two four-year-old Gold Coast twins will embark on the first of three life changing trips to France.

Matthew and Harry will this month celebrate their combined fifth birthday before flying to the renowned Avene skin clinic in France for the first time where they will undergo a 28-day treatment program in an effort to reduce the severity of their debilitating skin and food allergies.

The young brothers captured the hearts of thousands across the Gold Coast earlier this year when their story and fundraising campaign hit social media.


Matthew and Harry

Photo of Matthew and Harry getting ready for bed on Sunday night. IMAGE: Supplied

On Monday May 26, the twins will depart for France with their mother and grandmother to seek the world’s best treatment and advice.

Specific formula diets, restricted environments and routine medications will make travelling difficult.

Matthew and Harry’s luggage consists of 60 tins of Elecare, a suitcase of medication accompanied with a doctor’s clearance to get them through border security, and their own bedding and seat protectors for the plane.

Avene - Meds

Some of the medication required to see Matthew and Harry through their trip to France. IMAGE: Supplied

They are hoping to return to France on two more occasions in the near future to complete the three stage treatment.

You can donate to the boys’ cause here and help them get there.

You can run to support the boys in the up coming Gold Coast Airport Marathon in July.