Two aged care residents overdosed with Pfizer vaccine in southeast Queensland

UPDATE @ 8.20 AM | The federal government has addressed a vaccine overdose in Brisbane.

Two elderly people were administered a ‘higher than prescribed’ dose of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday.

The 88-year-old man and 94-year-old woman are now being closely monitored, with the man understood to be in hospital.


Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt says neither of them is currently showing adverse reactions.

“Firstly, the nurse on the scene stepped in and I want to thank her for her strength of character and her professionalism.

“Secondly, the contractor has stood down, the doctor in question, from the program.

“Thirdly, the monitoring of the patients – which is the most important thing – has been ongoing, the partnership between the Commonwealth facility and Queensland Health and I want to thank Queensland Health and in particular the Queensland Chief Health Officer as well as the Queensland minister. She and he were in contact late last night and early this morning,” Minister Hunt said.

While Australia’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly says that Pfizer has conducted trials to do with overdosing.

“In the early clinical trials of the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine, they did actually experiment with different doses of the product, including one three or four times higher than what have
eventually been the prescribed doses.

“During those trials, the side effect data was not a higher problem, so there’s that element,” Mr Kelly said.

EARLIER @ 8.00 AM | Shocking reports coming out of Brisbane this morning, with revelations that two people have been given coronavirus vaccine overdose.

Channel 9 broke the news that two aged care residents have been administered four times the dose of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday.

It’s understood an 88-year-old man is in hospital after the dose, while a 94-year-old woman is being very closely monitored.

Neither of them is showing bad reactions just yet.

The pair were vaccinated at the Holy Spirit Nursing Home in Carseldine by a federal government contracted doctor.

Nine reports the doctor injected an entire vire of the vaccine and has since been temporarily stood-down.

Both the Federal Government and the Queensland Premier are expected to address the bungle today.

It’s understood there’s been no evidence to suggest that overdosing on the vaccine can have significant effects.

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Someone didn’t RTFM

I believe that the Australian community deserve the right to know the incompetent Dr’s name and be kept updated with the investigation outcome.

Definitely should be named.just wondering whether he was chinese.