Two arrested over the death of Aussie ex-Hells Angels bikie

Thai police have arrested two people over the death of a former Australian Hells Angels bikies whose body was found in a shallow grave in eastern Thailand.

Wayne Rodney Schneider, 37, from NSW, was kidnapped by a group of masked men on Monday morning from his rented villa in the seaside town of Pattaya, 150km from Bangkok.

Wayne Rodney Schneider (Supplied)


His naked, tattooed body was found about 30km away in a shallow, sandy roadside grave in Sattahip Province in Chonburi on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Thai police arrested 21-year-old American man Tyler Joseph Fulton Sheen Gerard at an immigration checkpoint as he attempted to cross into Cambodia.

Gerard was among a list of suspects wanted in connection with the kidnapping of Schneider.

Also detained was the Thai wife of 26-year old Australian man, Antonio Bagnato, who police allege masterminded the attack.

Bagnato had likely fled Thailand, immigration officials told Thai media, but his whereabouts remain unclear.

Police located Schneider’s body by tracking a rented pick-up truck through its on-board GPS system.

The Thai woman, whose name has been withheld, had rented the utility but told police she was unaware of any plan to abduct and kill Schneider.


Thai authorities have previously drawn links between Australian bikie gangs and local drug traffickers and other illegal businesses.

The full motive for the kidnapping and murder of Schneider remains unclear.

The man and woman in custody are yet to be charged, but could face kidnapping and murder offences.