Two arrests in Australian counter-terrorism raids

UPDATE: The New South Wales Deputy Police Commissioner has spoken to the media after two people were arrested during anti-terror raids in western Sydney.

Catherine Burn said investigations had revealed that the Woolloomooloo Navy Base was a location set to be targeted by the group plotting a beheading.

She stressed during the press conference that there was no specific or current threat, there is no pending threat.  The two arrests on Wednesday stem from events last year.


Arrests followed the seizure of a document and other material in searches, also in 2014.

13 have been arrested as part of Operation Appleby since September last year, and Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn said the offences carry a penalty of life imprisonment, if convicted.

EARLIER: Two men have been arrested during counter-terrorism raids in western Sydney as part of Operation Appleby.

Abdullah Salihy, 24, was arrested at Memorial Avenue in Merrylands and Mohammad Alamouie, 20, was arrested in Bankstown.

Today’s arrests came about after police seized documents detailing a plan for an alleged attack during an Operation Appleby raid earlier this month.

Deputy NSW Police Commissioner Catherine Burn told the ABC that a naval base was among the locations the suspects had discussed, but the police investigation disrupted the planned terrorism plot.

Ms Burn said there was no specific or current threat of a terrorist attack.

“This was a group of people who came together with the idea, with the intent to do something and they started to make preparations to carry out a terrorist act,” she said.

Today’s activities bring the total number of people charged by the Joint Counter Terrorism Team to 13 since September 2014.

It’s believed Salihy will be charged with the offence of making a document likely to facilitate a terrorist attack, and Alamouie will be charged with conspiracy to do an act in preparation to commit a terrorist act.