Two athletes kicked out of Comm Games village for breaching “no-needle policy”

TWO Indian athletes have been sent home after more needles were found in their room at the Commonwealth Games Athlete’s Village.

It’s believed two needles were discovered – one in a cup and another in a bag – and an immediate hearing was conducted on Thursday.

Rakesh Babu, a triple jump athlete, Irfan Kolothum Thodi, a race walk athlete, and three Indian team officials appeared in the hearing.


It’s understood that a cleaner in the Athlete’s Village found a needle in a cup on the bedside table of bedroom 2 of apartment 7, belonging to Babu and Thodi.

According to the testimony from ASADA investigators, another syringe was later found in one of the athlete’s bags.

Both of the athletes testified that they had no knowledge of the needles, though their testimonies were found to be unreliable and evasive.

Their accreditation has been stripped and they’ve been immediately suspended from competing in the Commonwealth Games.

They have been removed from the Athlete’s Village and asked to leave the country on the first available flight.

President of the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) Louise Martin said the no-needles policy has been fully enforced in this instance.

“The Commonwealth Games take a no tolerance approach to these matters,” Ms Martin said.

“When the Commonwealth Games Federation says no tolerance, the Commonwealth Games Federation means no tolerance.

“Those athletes are suspended and out,” she said.