Two cases of COVID-19 diagnosed on the Gold Coast, new restrictions in place

THE Queensland Premier has confirmed there have been three new cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in the state, including two on the Gold Coast, prompting concerns of a “real risk” of spread within the local community.

All three of the cases are linked to the Queensland Correctional Services Academy, following confirmation a prison guard trainer tested positive to the virus yesterday.

The two Gold Coast cases are trainees from Pimpama, both in their 30s, and the other is from Forest Lake in Brisbane.


As a result of the latest cases, Annastacia Palaszczuk confirmed there will be tighter restrictions placed on gatherings in Gold Coast homes from 8am on Saturday, similar to what is already in place for Greater Brisbane.

“Coming into effect from 8:00am Saturday, we are going to extend those limits of people inside your homes to 10 people, and those gatherings outside to 10,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“We have to take this cautionary approach.

“I think everyone would agree, we acted very swiftly when it came to those earlier cases with the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre and we know people travel a lot from the Gold Coast to Brisbane, and it makes sense to extend that.”

Restrictions on visitors in aged care homes, hospitals and disability accommodation centres have also been extended to the Gold Coast.

For aged cares homes that means no personal visitors, including care and support visitors are allowed to enter. Only those providing an essential purpose will be allowed to enter and they must wear a mask.

End of life visits will still be allowed.

For hospitals, visits are only permitted for parents, guardians or carers for a patient under the age of 18, providing end-of-life support and a partner and /or support person/s for a patient admitted for care related to their pregnancy.

All other patient visitors must receive approval from the operator of a hospital.

Health Minister Steven Miles confirmed the two Gold Coast locals had not been isolating and immediate contact tracing is now underway to determine exactly where they have been during their infectious periods.

“These are of course the first confirmed cases of community transmission on the Gold Coast,” Minister Miles said.

“They weren’t in quarantine and so it is necessarily for us to extend the restrictions currently in place across mitt Metro North, Metro South, and West Moreton, towards the Gold Coast.”

Queensland’s Chief Health Officer, Dr Jeanette Young, said the restrictions were vital to make sure the virus is contained.

“The reason being is that all of these cases we have seen related to the corrections training centre have been in younger people, who have had, fortunately for them, very mild symptoms. Extremely mild symptoms,” Dr Young said.

“I’m not quite sure of how it’s spread within that centre, who is the primary case, because of the mild nature of symptoms, we’re just working that through at the moment.

“So to protect the most vulnerable, which is our elderly citizens, that’s why we need to bring in those restrictions for aged care.

“I am concerned about where they’ve been on the Gold Coast .. they’ve been out in the community so there’s a real risk they’ve spread it in the Gold Coast,” Dr Young said.

“Then to protect the people going into our hospitals, we need to bring in that requirement for that additional enhanced use of personal protective equipment in all of our facilities, plus we need to look at visitors going in and out of areas where there are more vulnerable people.”

Businesses who have COVID-safe plans in place, including for weddings venues, restaurants, pubs, clubs and nightclubs can all operate as they have been.

The Premier also confirmed that Schoolies on the Gold Coast will not be going ahead in 2020 due to the current restrictions on mass gatherings.

The cap of 10 people at home gatherings will also be extended to holiday rentals and hotel rooms specifically during the Schoolies period between November 21 and December 11.

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“It poses high risk. High risk, not only the people who attend, all the young people, but also all the people they come in contact with, and of course their families and their friends and their grandparents,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“So, we’ve had to take that very tough decision. So there will be, unfortunately, no concerts, no organised events.”

There will be an increased police presence across the Gold Coast to monitor party precincts and make sure people are adhering to the protocols.

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No, I don’t agree. This is a hoax. Can not wait to see the truth to arise about all of this. The initial lockdown to “flatten the curve” was great… are we now eradicating?

Agreed, the goal post continues to move.. but it is what it is. Not much the minority that doesnt trust the system can do about it other than adhere


Awesome thanks Anastasia, our sons birthday planned for tomorrow, can she help me get refunds on all the food etc that will now go to waste……over 2 people……..

you’re an idiot

I’m so glad stupid opinions like “this is a hoax” get down voted so quickly in Australia. We can’t afford to let ignorance spread like a virus.

But it is a hoax.

Those who feel this is a hoax are ignorant of the medical facts and ignorant of the real clinical data on Corona-Virus-Disease infections.

Thanks for the mature comment there sir….but unfortunately this is a media stunt to take the heat of AP for the backlash she’s copping. This supposed life threatening virus is simply a ploy to keep you distracted while the world crashes the economy and resets the world for the fourth industrial revolution. It amazes me how many morons get on here who throw their mature “be responsible” comments thinking they know what’s going on while they’re are literally getting their intel from channel 7 and their belief system of the world they think they know. This is a black swan event and a global reset…while people are living in fear, others are gearing up to take advantage of the new world opportunities and everything the fat cats are snapping up. Wake up champ…money is being made hand over fist while your living in fear of a cold lol. Till you beat the common cold and flu killing people…it’s a decoy

Cold? Are you a troll, or genuinely as dumb as you are acting? If the later, please stop being brainwashed by the idiotic nonsense you are seeing on sky news/fox or the even dumber American right wing youtube propaganda channels. Even with your IQ, you CAN learn to think for yourself. At the end of the day, people are dying because of airheads like you…

Records have been falsified. My friend has told me that on death certificates (committed suicide) they put down Covid as cause of death!!! Don’t be a lemming and follow the flock of sheep as everyone seems to bedoing

Initially the lockdowns were about ensuring our hospitals could cope with what they thought was going to be a tsunami of cases. Yes, it certainly looks like they’re trying for eradication now – they don’t care about all the heartbreaking stories of people not being able to get their medical care, mental health issues and businesses really suffering. Can this lockdown business keep happening until there’s a vaccine? I don’t think so. Someone in Government is going to have to step up here 😡

ok karen

Stop whining ..

Where have those 2 in Pimpama been? Woolworths? Coles?

You must understand. Covid is never going to go away. Just like the flu. Its going to be with us forever. Its going to keep mutating and new strains are going to keep popping up. Just like the flu. I know limits of 10 people are not a big ask but we are allowing our government to set a dangerous precedent here and we have seen how bad restrictions can get in other states. 2 cases in a city of 540 thousand people does not justify restricting peoples freedoms. Especially for a virus that has the lethality of a car ride. Please, do not let Covid and the magnifying glass the government is putting on it rule you with fear. Life is inherently full of risks. And quite frankly, Covid is just not that big of a risk for the majority of the population. We are going to have to learn to live with it sooner or later.

The lethality of a car ride? Really? Just not that big of a risk? Are you serious? For a start, this virus and the flu are two completely different things.Flu is from the influenza virus, covid stems from SARS, a more deadly virus. Both are transmitted through close contact but:new evidence shows COVID can be spread through the airborne route, meaning that tiny droplets remaining in the air can cause disease in others even after the infected person is no longer near. There are treatments and vaccines to treat flu whilst there are none yet for Covid. So while the flu has long been considered a dangerous seasonal scourge, new data on the COVID-19 epidemic shows that COVID-19 is even deadlier. Influenza epidemics are seasonal and burn out and there are approximately 250000 to 50000 deaths worldwide each year. . Covid 19 is not seasonal and already we have around 890000 deaths in just 7 months.. At the spread rate, do your sums. We are lucky here compared to other parts of Australia and definitely compared to other countries who know the real meaning of doing it hard. We should be grateful for the freedom we have, not constantly whinging because we think we know better and are p***ed off because we can’t do what we want. .Harden up fella and think of those, including children, who will suffer unless we get on top of this.

Ahhh sorry mate….most of that is incorrect…10 points for trying tho. You ya e covid in you…it’s not from SARS your intel is grossly wrong. Please stop dropping incorrect facts..thank you moving on.

Covid the virus itself yes true… however a Novel and man made one hmm guess again…

What kind of effect will this have to the border zone residents crossing the border?

No idea but hopefully someone with a brain will work it out. It’s not that hard to provide some sort of permanent ID for those living on the border to allow then access for medical treatment, work or who have dependent relatives. Everyone else who just wants a day out at the theme parks…tough. .

Does this mean the school formals are still on?

All good to go… as long as only 10 attend!

So would that only be the popular ones? They can spend the evening admiring each other and taking selfies.

No consideration given to have this cripples our Catering business.
I dont get how having only 10 people in your home who uou know isnt safer than being in a club full of strangers!!
This decision will kill our business and other businesses like ours in off site Catering.

Yeah Ben, that’s right! Your son’s birthday party is more important than preventing people from dying!

This from the baron witch who banned a NSW woman with twins from a Qld Hospital but let in 3 positive foreigners off a Freighter off Townsville.
no respect for us no respect for her!!!!

Man so low to say what you said… your pathetic…

It’s amazing it isn’t lower we don’t have any respect for her either as premiere and I hope primary minister can do something as sick to death of this Qld premiere it’s going to get nasty soon and I hope she gets covid herself is that nasty and low enough for you otherwise I.ll make it clearer she is on notice to open up those borders

Where have these two been in our community, the last 7 days. That is what we want to know, and quickly.

The biggest way to control people is by fear.
Unfortunately humans believe everything that the media outlets report. These media outlets are controlled by the powerful.
What you see or hear from the powerful must be TRUE!, isn’t it?

Or should we actually do some research for ourselves? With Covid,
Think about it and wake up or have you already been brainwashed past return.
Negativity, death and drama sell.
Watch the news tonight and see how much reporting is done on negative stories and drama.
Then see how many stories are focusing on positive things around the world.
Control by FEAR!

Sounds like you are trying to brainwash the population too bytspouting your own theories.. Those of us with brains are well able to make our own minds up thanks. . This nation is not controlled by fear. its controlled by addiction to mobile phones.

Interesting Derek! People weren’t controlled by fear?
I seem to remember people stocking up on TOILET paper like the world was ending, videos from Woolworths of people fighting over toilet paper, over purchasing food items etc.
Wow! that just must have been a faze going around I guess?
This all happened at the start of covid, from people in fear.

Ww2, now that is something actually serious that happened.
But wait, news bulletin over every single news outlet, ”2 CASES of Corona virus today has been linked to a detention center.
Ww2 65 million people killed by heads blown off, genocide, murder, rape and torture.
Apples and oranges mate

There has to be a protest towards the government from the Australian people enough is enough are they going to ban China from secretly flying into Australia at night the government must be stopped if we remain they will have full control.

Not sure I fully understand but I think I agree with you.

Ana is playing politics. We must be vigilant and safe, this virus has many unknowns. At the same time we need businesses to survive, people to access healthcare and tourism. At the moment QLD is the bottom of the table for testing per 100K of population. I would imagine if we tested at the same % of population as other states our numbers would be higher. I am feeling like labour is playing politics and it’s disappointing.

It’s time to move on your self from fast food to healthy food. Eat more ginger garlic turmeric
Boost your immune system
And do some yoga every day at home
Make yourself your body doctor

So why is the speedway track open today.


There are on average 73 million unintended abortions every year,and 17 million deaths from heart disease per year-as the highest ranking cause of death.Go figure?

Amended:Meant unwanted pregnancies