Two dead after powerful earthquake rocks Greece and Turkey

Two people have reportedly been killed on the Greek island of Kos after a powerful 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck in the Aegean Sea between Turkey and Greece.

The quake struck close to the Turkish resort town of Bodrum and the Greek Island of Kos at a shallow depth of 10km at 1:31am local time, The US Geological Survey reports.

“We have two dead and some people injured so far,” George Kyritsis, the mayor of Kos told Reuters.


According to Geoscience Australia, the quake could have been felt by people up to 924km away and caused damage up to 74km away.

The quake is understood to have triggered a small tsunami in Bodrum, on the Turkish Coast.

“This may hit other coasts in the area, better to leave beaches,” European quake agency EMSC tweeted.

Photos and videos have been posted to social media showing the moment the quake hit and the aftermath.