Two Gold Coaster home renovators hospitalised for eye injuries

A Gold Coast University Hospital doctor is warning local DIY enthusiasts to wear protective eyewear when using power tools after two men were hospitalised for serious eye injuries from using angle grinders.

Rod Nance, a 71-year-old retired builder lost vision in his right eye in late April this year after the blade of an angle grinder disintegrated, striking his face and cutting from his eyebrow down to his cheek bone. Gold Coast Consultant Ophthalmologist Dr Heather Russell performed micro surgery to save Rod’s eye, but could not save his vision.

Just days later a young man was also injured using a brush grinder.


“He felt something flick into his eye but thought that it had bounced off,” said Dr Russell. “A brush bristle had in fact passed straight through his cornea and into his lens, causing a cataract.

Dr Russell encouraged all tradies, prospective DIYers and gardeners to wear appropriate protective eyewear.

“Safety goggles provide optimal safety, more so than safety glasses which often do not provide adequate protect from objects hitting the eye from an angle.”