Two Gold Coast triathletes off to Rio

Two Gold Coasters are part of the six-strong triathlon section for the Rio Olympics.

Beijing bronze medallist Emma Moffatt and Ashleigh Gentle (pictured) join Erin Densham (Campbelltown) in making up the women’s team.


While Brisbane boy Ryan Fisher and Ryan Bailie and Aaron Royle (both from Wollongong) will compete in the men’s event.

Moffatt and Densham will re-write the Australian history books and be the first triathletes to compete at three Games.

“It is really exciting, it’s probably just as exciting as the first time,” said 31-year-old Moffatt, who had the magic bronze moment with Emma Snowsill in 2008 before a fall on the bike ended her London race.

“It is a journey I’m looking forward to going on again and I think two Olympics worth of experience will really help me.”

While Moffatt and Densham are experienced Olympic competitors, the remaining four athletes will be having their first Olympic experience in Rio.