Two injured in major brawl at Gold Coast pub

Police are investigating a mass brawl at a Gold Coast pub that left at least two people with serious injuries.

Officers were called to licensed premises in Bundall at around midnight on Saturday night after reports around 12 people had come to blows.

Bar stools were reportedly being used to assault patrons during the fight.


Most of those involved in the brawl had fled by the time officers arrived.

However, two injured people remained at the scene.

One had lacerations to their face while a second was suffering serious head injuries.

Both were taken to the Gold Coast University Hospital for treatment.

Police are still working out what sparked the fight.

“Our Criminal Investigation branch are currently investigating and we’re looking through CCTV footage of the incident to see what exactly occurred,” Acting Superintendent Simon Chase told the ABC.

“It was around midnight so you could assume that most people have been consuming some alcohol on premises. That probably was part of the cause.”

No arrests have been made.