Three teens charged after car chase on northern Gold Coast

UPDATE @ February 4 @ 7.00 AM| Police have laid charges over a dangerous car chase on the Gold Coast yesterday afternoon.

A Hyundai Tucson was spotted by police around the Pacific Pines shopping centre around lunchtime and was tracked all the way to Pimpama, where it was finally stopped around 2.00pm.

Police have confirmed that three youths have been charged following the incident, all aged between 15 and 16-years-old.


A 16-year-old Parkwood girl and 16-year-old Hope Island boy are both facing one count of unlawful use of a motor vehicle.

While a 15-year-old Pacific Pines boy has been charged with one count of unlawful use of a motor vehicle, as well as one count of driving without a licence.

He’s expected to front children’s court today, and is believed to be known to police.

The incident has prompted the Gold Coast Mayor to demand immediate action from the State Government on youth crimes.

He’s particularly calling for GPS trackers to be fitted to repeat offenders.

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EARLIER @ February 3, 4.00 PM by Matt McDonald | Four teenagers have now been arrested following following a Police pursuit across the northern Gold Coast in a suspected stolen car.

A Hyundai Tucson was spotted by Police around the Pacific Pines shopping centre around 12.20pm this afternoon.

Multiple Police units, including Polair, began tracking the vehicle for some time.

The vehicle was later abandoned on Green Meadows Rd in Pimpama around 1.50pm before occupants fled into nearby bushland.

Officers scoured the area before eventually taking a male and female, aged 15 and 16 into custody just after 2.30pm.

A third teenager was arrested about 20 minutes later with the fourth taken into custody shortly after that.

It’s believed the vehicle may have been stolen from an address in Mermaid Beach sometime between January 24 and 25, with Police still investigating.

Police are reportedly looking into whether the group is responsible for a series of recent crimes across the Gold Coast.

More to come. 

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by the video footage on 7news Brisbane FB page it looks like a guy and a women

Parents should also be updated/resulted as well……they are a result re their updating etc.

More of the same. Expect this to become chronic with the inaction of the Government.

Open up a special wing right next door to real prison’s with little concern for their civil rights and privilege’s.
Send them into the main prison 1-2 days per week to let them know what’s coming.
The cost of such could be funded by a similar system to the governments HEC’s scheme were they will be required to pay for their actions over many years.

I would like to know why some are suggesting GPS Trackers. They are not the solution to youth crime or any other crime as far as prevention goes. Repeat offenders do not consider these devices as a barrier to their criminal activities. They will be cut off and discarded at the blink of an eye. They are still a trust based measure and we all know these criminals cannot be trusted.