Two men armed with machete and tomahawk knock security guard unconscious

A security guard has been knocked unconscious during an armed robbery in Sydney’s south-west overnight.

Around 10.20pm yesterday, two armed men, both with their faces concealed, walked into a pub on Howard Road, Padstow.

One of the men approached a security guard from behind and punched him in the head, knocking the guard unconscious.


The men, one of whom was armed with a machete, the other with a tomahawk – subsequently demanded cash from bar staff. After being given an amount of money, they fled the scene.

Emergency services were called to the location, and ambulance paramedics transported the security guard to hospital for treatment of a suspected broken jaw and concussion.

Police spoke to staff members and the 15 or so customers who had been inside the pub at the time of the armed robbery.

An investigation into the incident is now underway.

The two offenders are described as being of Maori / Pacific Islander appearance, around 180cm tall and of large build. Both had New Zealand-sounding accents.

The man armed with the tomahawk was wearing yellow rubber gloves, a white jumper with grey hood, black track pants, and black running shoes with white soles. He also had a grey scarf wrapped around his face.

The man armed with the machete was wearing a white hooded-jumper with a grey and black print on the front, grey tracksuit pants with a black stripe down the sides, and grey running shoes. He had a dark blue balaclava covering his face.