Two new COVID-19 cases as Qld reimposes a key restriction

Queensland has recorded two new cases of coronavirus, as officials reintroduce a restriction that was scrapped earlier this month.

The two new cases take state’s total to 1076 with just five of those cases active.

Officials have confirmed both new cases tested positive on the 11th day of their 14-day quarantine.


Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young has today announced that patrons at pubs, clubs, restaurants and cafes will have to go back to remaining seated at those venues.

Restrictions were eased three weeks ago allowing customers to stand, as long as they maintained social distancing.

The measure will be reintroduced immediately.

“The density requirement didn’t change, but people could stand. Now because I’m worried, as you can tell, about what is happening in southern states, I think we need to go back and just enforce it,” Dr Young said.

“I just think it is so hard to ask people to come into a venue with their friends, have a few drinks, be casual and to remember to maintain that social distancing. It’s so much easier if you’re seated.”

“So we need to have those signals, so I ask that everyone, when you go into a facility that you take a seat because that reminds you to keep your distance from other people and I thank all those venues for doing that.

“People can still go to the bar to buy their drink but then they need to go back to their table.”

Dr Young has also urged Queenslanders to seriously consider their need to travel to New South Wales as concerns grow about the spread in COVID-19 cases there.

“I am much more concerned, I think it is a time for all of us to be concerned.

“I really think this is a time for people to think twice before they travel interstate to either New South Wales or Victoria. If they go to Victoria they will have to quarantine when they come back, New South Wales it depends where you go.

“There are more cases happening throughout New South Wales and we’re keeping a very, very close eye on every single one of those cases.”

Queensland yesterday added the Fairfield Council area to the list of declared hotspots, which will see people from there barred from entering Queensland from Monday.

Dr Young says, apart from Sydney, she is also monitoring the situation in the Batemans Bay and Hunter regions.