Two new COVID-19 cases as Queensland widens testing

Queensland has recorded just two new cases of coronavirus as officials ramp up testing across the State and conduct blitzes on people in quarantine.

The State’s total now stands at a revised 1026, with officials confirming both new cases involved overseas travel.

Of the current cases, 18 patients are being treated in hospital with six of those in intensive care on ventilators.


Queensland Health will expand testing from today as part of requirements before the State can start easing restrictions, with anyone showing any signs of coronavirus able to get swabbed, regardless of whether they’ve been overseas or in contact with a known case.

“I’ve asked today here in Queensland that every single person in the State who has any symptoms suggestive of COVID-19, any acute respiratory symptoms of cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, to immediately be tested,” Chief Health Officer Dr Jeanette Young said on Friday.

“So you would remember I did have it in place for Brisbane, Gold Coast and Cairns but now it will be across the State so that we start to meet that first requirement which is to increase testing and the most important part of that is testing people who are unwell.”

Dr Young says Queensland now has “enormous” capacity to increase testing which has been building over the last few weeks.

But there has been a gradual decline in people getting tested due to less people getting sick.

“We’re seeing very little respiratory disease in our community today which you would expect because people are not mingling so they’re not spreading other viruses so in actual fact the number of people who will need testing is quite small.”

The State Government has also announced that 500 public servants will be redeployed to assist in the massive task of contact tracing across Queensland and ensuring people are complying with self-isolation orders.

More than 57,000 Queenslanders have been ordered to self-isolate or quarantine since the beginning of the outbreak, with over 3500 orders still in place.

Queensland Police have conducted 4,529 compliance checks on individuals in quarantine since March 27.

A blitz was carried out on Monday with checks done on 158 people.

Only eight were found to be non-compliant with six of those having left the State, while two others were out receiving medical treatment.

Another three cases are under investigation.

Attorney-General Yvette D’ath says anyone in quarantine can expect to be checked on.

“As much as these statistics are fantastic, we want to make sure we have 100 per cent compliance with these directions. We don’t want anyone leaving their house unless they are getting health treatment,” Ms D’ath said.

The Attorney-General has also issued a warning for those in isolation as Queensland prepares for the Labour Day public holiday.

“A long weekend is coming up so we say to those 3500 Queenslanders who are on isolation on quarantine orders please, do it for the 5 million Queenslanders. Just stay home.”

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To the Attorney General = we do not get public holiday for Labour Day in Qld.

We do. On Monday 4 May.