Two new COVID-19 cases on Gold Coast as restrictions eased for Mother’s Day

Two new cases of coronavirus have been recorded on the Gold Coast, the only positive tests to be confirmed across the State in the last 24 hours.

It comes as the State Government announces a further easing of restrictions in time for Mother’s Day.

One of those cases was acquired on a cruise ship while health officials are still tracing the source of the second case.


Queensland’s total number of cases is now at 1045 however only 50 of those are still active.

Just eight patients are being treated in hospital with three of those in intensive care on ventilators.

Testing rates were high with 4665 people swabbed on Wednesday, but Chief Health Officer Dr Jeanette Young wants that to be even higher.

“I’m not happy with our level of testing, I would like more and more and more testing, that’s why it’s my most important message,” Dr Young said.

“I suspect it’s probably because we don’t have a lot of illness out there and I think that’s probably the issue rather than people are deliberately not testing.”

From Sunday, restrictions on the number of people allowed to visit another household will be eased. .

Up to five members of the same household will be allowed to visit another household.

“I really want to thank Queenslanders for a great job that they have been doing right across our state and I think this is going to be welcomed by families, especially on Mother’s Day, starting this Sunday,” Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said.

But officials insist that doesn’t mean large extended family gatherings.

“It’s about one household going to another household. You can split it up, so I’m sure there’s a lot of mums out there who’d love to see one household in the morning and another in the afternoon and another in the evening.

“That could happen. But they can’t all go at the same time,” Dr Young said.

Queenslanders will also be allowed to travel beyond the 50km limit to visit another household, as long as they don’t venture out into the community.

“It’s about two households coming together, and we don’t think that will increase risk, and we can do that in Queensland because of the great job everyone’s been doing,” Dr Young said.

“We saw last weekend there were a few little break-outs but, in the main, people heard the message loudly.”

Dr Young says its important people remember to stick to social distancing and maintain hygiene.

“So 1.5 metres, and in indoor spaces or, indeed, even outdoors, one person per four square metres and wash your hands with soap and water.”

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Careless reporting- the restrictions on travel eased last week: 50km restrictions only apply to travel for recreational purposes ( under the home confinement movement gathering act )

How come one of the new infections we had yesterday came from a cruise ship passenger. It was weeks ago when the last cruise ship was allowed to offload passengers

Perhaps it is a recently returned passenger in quarantine in another state. They count them on their home state total.

Exactly what I was thinking. Does that now mean the cruise ship passenger has continued to affect people from then until now ? It does not add up

Very true Jackie sounds like a cop out from the Government.

I agree, and why can’t they tell us the location on the Gold Coast, they may be from my apartment block and I have been riding in the same lift for a week

Download the App, you’ll get an alert if you’ve spent more than 15 minutes in contact with them

How far can I travel from home to see relatives?

More people would get tested if it wasn’t so difficult. We are told if we have minor symptoms to get tested but that’s not the case, it is so restricted.

How can we have 2 new cases but the premier announces 0 cases in past 24 hours

I saw that too. Who do you believe?

How did someone get a new infection from a cruise ship?