Two new local cases in Qld, border passes reintroduced for northern NSW residents

Queensland has recorded two new local cases of COVID-19, linked to the flight attendant who caught the virus in a Brisbane quarantine hotel.

The two cases are connected to the Portuguese Family Centre, where four other cases have previously been detected, taking the current cluster in Brisbane to seven.

Chief Health Officer, Dr Jeanette Young said she isn’t too concerned about the new cases.


“Both of them were during their infectious period in quarantine, so not a risk,” Dr Young said.

Deputy Premier Steven Miles also confirmed residents in far north New South Wales will need to have a border declaration pass to drive into Queensland from 1am on Monday.

“Until now, we have exempted people within that northern New South Wales border bubble from needing a border declaration pass,” Mr Miles said.

“Because of the school holidays and the Sydney outbreak, we’ll be requiring those border declaration passes for everyone who crosses the border for the period of the New South Wales outbreak.

“These passes last for 14 days. So for people who come and go across the border regularly, they will only need to apply for a pass every 14 days.

“Let’s hope the New South Wales outbreak can be contained within, say, 14 or 28 days, meaning people only need to apply for two of those passes.”

It can take up to three days to process the passes, so residents who need to travel into the state on Monday are being urged to apply from today.

Hard border checkpoints won’t be introduced at the Gold Coast border at this stage but police will continue to conduct random intercepts.

Residents will not be required to display the borders on their windshields like they had to previously but will need to prove they have applied for one if pulled over by officers.

On Thursday, Queensland Police turned around 186 people at Queensland airports who tried to enter from Sydney.

A further 128 people were sent into hotel quarantine.

Dr Young says she’s more concerned about people from NSW bringing the nightly contagious Delta variant of the virus into the state.

“We are continuing to see cases in NSW, so it is really important, that we could have a case in Queensland any day,” she said.

“So please as Queenslanders have been doing for the last 18 months, if you have any symptoms at all, immediately come forward and get tested and isolate until you get a negative result.”

Dr Young continued to urge Queendlnders to resist travelling to anywhere in NSW for now

“People should really reconsider their need to go anywhere in NSW,” she said.

“If it’s urgent, unavoidable, of course they should travel, but if it’s not perhaps they should think about holidaying in Queensland.”

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How many random checks at road entry points?
Not that many, if any at all.

I have seen police cars parked on the GC hwy and M1 at the border crossings everyday this week, even seen them with a camper van pulled over at tugun, they are doing checks, but the chances are very low of actually being pulled over.

i dare say if you in QLD with NSW plates you’ll be randomly checked

Yep, totally agree.

Doubt it. They wouldn’t have enough police to conduct all the checks. Thousands of Tweed residents cross the border from NSW every day.

Last edited 1 month ago by Elise

They checked every border pass on your windscreen last time.They had enough police then.

They are running Number Plate Recognition cameras.

They Just type in areas of interest the vehicle is registered in and the computer does the rest and pings any plates from these areas.

Copper does random stop.
Its not actually random per se.