Two NEW red light speed cameras are now in operation on the Gold Coast

TWO new combined red light speed cameras have been installed at two high-risk sites on the Gold Coast in an effort to improve road safety.

The cameras, situated at the Bermuda and Rudd Street intersection in Broadbeach Waters and at the Southport-Nerang and Currumburra Road intersection in Ashmore, were switched on today.

Assistant Commissioner Mike Keating said the combined speed and red light camera technology detected motorists who disobey the red traffic light, as well as motorists who speed through the intersection.


“Cameras won’t just detect a motorist disobeying a red light. If they are speeding through any coloured light they will face a speeding infringement as well”, he said.

“All motorists had a responsibility to drive safely to ensure all Queenslanders get to their destinations safely.

‘”These cameras will assist in reducing travel speeds at high-risk intersections by operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Police say the intersections were selected for the cameras based on the number and severity of speed and red-light-related road crashes.

The two new cameras will take the state’s total number of red light speed cameras to 22.

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I’d love to see the statistics showing these supposed red light related crashes at Rudd and Bermuda. Is there somewhere you can see the comparison of accidents at Rudd and Bermuda compared to Hooker and Bermuda – one street away. I’ve lived in that area for 4 years now and have rarely seen an accident at Rudd and Bermuda. Rudd starts and ends at Bermuda – how does a T intersection become a much more dangerous red light safety issue than a full intersection like Hooker and Bermuda? Hooker and Bermuda would be a much more likely location to place a camera for safety – seems to me people cruising through a green or giving that extra punch when the light turns yellow at Hooker will get pinged their potential double ticket unexpectedly 100 metres later from the much less busy Rudd and Bermuda. Feels yet again like a revenue raising exercise. Have they released the speed reduction statistics that occur from the smiley face speed notifying signs? These are very useful public service signs that keep me alert to my occasionally wandering speed. I wonder how speed is reduced when we are visually reminded with these signs compare to an instant ticket vehicle parked at the side of the road that has the same effect but provides a merciless fine?

My concern is when you are sitting at the intersection facing the camera, the bright flashing is literally blinding. I have to travel on this road and in both the direct route, and the t- corner, have been blinded by the flashes. Not only is it blinding, it’s distracting and dangerous.

It’s unsafe because anyone with light sensitivity, including epileptics, will struggle in that area if the are sitting in the opposite or side intersection, or traveling from the opposite direction.

That installation will be a cause of accidents.

I also would like to see the statistics justifying a speed camera at Rudd st given the recent road improvements and it now being 3 lanes. How many speed related crashes have happened at this intersection since the road has been improved and road works have been completed. Where can we find out this information. Also there is no sign specifically stating a speed camera ahead. On other dual cameras intersections I have noted it specifically saying speed camera ahead for road safety. Rudd street does not.

They were active last Saturday night. The one on Bermuda and Rudd I had never seen flash when I saw it go off the opposite way. I sat and watched for a while and this camera was going off constantly. It looks like a massive revinue raiser.

They have to pay for the games somehow this has nothing to do with safety and its about time motorist woke up to this.

We need a red light camera on Hooker Blvd coming from Pacific Fair, just past the Dunlop Canal