Two people suffer allergic reaction to UK coronavirus vaccine

Those who suffer significant allergic reactions are being urged not to get the coronavirus vaccine, after two health workers suffered reactions during the vaccine rollout in the UK.

Regulators say they’re not overly concerned about the reactions, given the individuals have a history of significant allergies, to the extent where both need to carry an Epipen with them.

It comes a day after the UK began rolling out the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine to thousands of elderly citizens and health care workers.


It’s understood the pair showed symptoms within the first 24 hours, but are recovering well.

Going forward, anyone in line to receive the jab will be questioned about their allergy history, and those who’ve experienced serious reactions to medicines, food or vaccines are being encouraged not to get the jab just yet.

It comes as the US prepares to authorise the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine in the coming days, along with the Moderna vaccine shortly after.

President Donald Trump says tens of millions of doses will be made available before Christmas.

“People that aren’t necessary big fans of Donald Trump are saying that whether you like him or not, this is one of the greatest miracles in modern day medicine or any other medicine – any other age of medicine,” Trump said.