WATCH: Two people zapped by lightning in Gold Coast storm

TWO people have been hospitalised after being zapped by lightning during an electrical storm on the Gold Coast.

It’s understood the man and woman were both touching metal objects when lightning touched down nearby and they felt a charge of electricity surge through their bodies.

Both incidents occurred at private residences at Highland Park during Thursday evening’s electrical storms.


Queensland Ambulance said a woman in her 20s was hospitalised after lightning struck her house around 5.19pm.

The woman was reportedly using a mobile phone that was charging at the time the bolt hit.

She was transported to Robina Hospital in a stable condition.

Meanwhile, a man presented to a medical centre after he claimed to have been hit by an electrical charge at 6.30pm.

It’s understood he was holding some kind of metal object when lightning struck nearby.

He was transported from the medical facility to Pindara Private Hospital in a stable condition as a precaution.