Two Queenslanders share in $80million Oz Lotto prize

Two Queenslanders have shared in last night’s $80 million Oz Lotto draw.

It was the second biggest prize pool in Australian lotto history, after jackpotting from $70 million last week.

Two division one entries were held by Queenslanders, including a man from the Sunshine Coast – who bought his ticket on the Gold Coast.


His System-8 QuickPick entry also won division three seven times, bolstering his total prize to $40,028,726.60.

“I think I know what you’re calling about,” the man admitted when he answered the phone to a Lott official.

“It’s just fantastic! That’s very exciting.

He said he’ll use some of the winnings to go to the Italian Grand Prix, and follow some different career goals.

“It’s in September and by the looks of things I’ll be able to do that now. I’ll definitely be able to do that in style!”

“I’ll keep working but I think I’ll have a change of career and do something I am passionate about.”

An Ipswich mother was the other lucky winner, who bought her 6-game QuickPick entry online at

“No way! No way! That can’t be true! It must be a mistake!

“I logged onto the Lott app and saw that I had all the numbers and thought I must have won something.  I was thinking I would have won a couple of thousand.

“I just kept thinking ‘That can’t be real. That must be a mistake!’

“It’s just so weird to think I am a multi-millionaire,” the woman told a Lott official.

The woman – who wishes to remain anonymous – says she’ll be taking her family to Canada with her winnings.

There were also over 1.4 million prizes worth more than $32.92 million won in divisions two to seven.