Two seriously injured after crashing stolen motorbike, Gold Coast

Two men have been hospitalised in serious conditions after trying to flee a break and enter attempt in Kingsholme.

It’s understood they were attempting to break into a home on Upper Ormeau Road around 6.00pm, when they were caught by neighbours.

One of the neighbours reportedly copped a split lip after the would-be robbers hit him in the face with a bag, while another ended up with a broken nose in a scuffle.


The two alleged offenders then fled the scene on a motorbike, but only made it a short way down the road before losing control of the vehicle and crashing.

They’ve both been taken to the Gold Coast University Hospital in serious but stable conditions.

One sustained chest injuries and was transported in a serious but stable condition to Gold Coast University Hospital with High Acuity Response Unit on board.

The second patient was transported stable to Gold Coast University Hospital.

The forensic crash unit is investigating.

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Actually they were discovered by the owners as we returned home from being out. My wife and I tried to stop them, we were both hit about the head. The neighbours joined in as they tried to escape on their motorbike. The male neighbour was hit on the head and got a split lip. They managed to get away but clearly did not get too far. House is in the montego hills estate.

Awful for you, you wife and neighbours to endure Rodney. Being subjected to criminal activity is not a pleasant encounter and forgetting it and moving on can be difficult.

Glad the criminals did not get too far.

I’m sure by now you’ve had Channel 9 and 7 request an interview for their weeknightly crime/news bulletins.

Sorry for the neighbors who were hurt, but otherwise a great outcome, hope the injuries are serious enough to be felt for the rest of their lives.

Disgraceful. This is not the Gold Coast community any of us want it to be. More must be done to stamp out this behaviour before it happens.

As a community, we must better raise our children that such behaviour is unacceptable and as young adults, continue to remind those within our families and communities that behaviour leading to this is not acceptable

Hi my Motorbike got stolen from Southport on Friday night I reported it. I got a call this morning that they found my bike it appeared to be in an accident the police couldn’t release any details but Im assuming that it may have been my motorbike ? sorry about the idiots causing trauma my motorcycle literally kicked their asses assuming of course. Is my wet gear there?