Two truckies test positive to COVID-19 in Qld

QUEENSLAND health officials are investigating two local COVID-19 cases but the Premier insists they’re not a major risk to the community.

Annastacia Palaszczuk confirmed on Tuesday morning both cases are truck drivers but they have spent very little time out and about.

“They have, essentially, not been to many places at all, mainly with their family,” the Premier said.


Chief Health Officer Dr Jeanette Young admitted they were a little confused by the results, which were picked up in New South Wales.

“We have subsequently re-tested both of those truck drivers and they have come back negative,” Dr Young said.

“We are working with New South Wales to find out what it actually means about those two positive tests and working out what we need to do going forward but while we work that through.”

Their families are now in quarantine.

“They’ll get tested and begin quarantine for 14 days unless we determine that there is no risk,” she added.

“Even if they are confirmed as positive I am quite comfortable with the steps we’ve already taken to isolate anyone who’s at risk.

“So we will put out some exposure sites and I’d like people to look at those and if they were there to get tested .. but I think it’s under control.”

Dr Young said it showed how vital it was truck drivers were continually being tested.

“These were two truck drivers who are tested as part of the surveillance program that we have in place in Australia now,” she said.

“Truck drivers need to be tested every seven days and these two truck drivers were superb, doing their routine testing and extra testing and maintained social distancing at all times, stayed at home when they weren’t driving the trucks.

There were also four overseas-acquired COVID-19 cases recorded in the state. One was found in hotel quarantine and the other three were detected on a marine vessel.