Tyler Wright claims her maiden world surfing title

Australian surfer Tyler Wright has won her first world surfing title after finishing ahead of her nearest rival at the Roxy Pro in France.

The only person who had a chance to steal the crown from Wright this season was America’s Courtney Conlogue.

In order to claim the title, Wright just needed to finish one spot ahead of her.


And she did.

Conlogue was toppled in the semi finals, while Wright went on into the finals with Carissa Moore.

She ended up losing the final to Moore but given the smile on her face, it didn’t appear she was too upset by the loss.

“A lot has gone into this, a lot of hours and a lot of moments,” said Wright.

“There are a lot of reasons why I set out the win this World Title this year and a lot of reasons that I did not mention to the public. Last year was such a hectic year — I lost an uncle and this was the last event that he ever saw me compete in. A lot of emotional moments, but pretty much from that moment I promised him that I would win a World Title and I did. It’s in his honor and my brother’s honor and my whole entire family and the community I come from. So many things happened this year and my personal life hasn’t been easy. Owen and my family and my mom — I just love them so much and to be able to do it for them is very special.

“I’ve always known I could do this and this year I was ready.

“A massive congrats to Courtney (Conlogue). I’ve been in her position twice now and I know what it’s like. I love her, I love the way she competes and she’s such a strong competitor. A big thank you to everyone that’s come before me and paved the way. Carissa (Moore) is a huge inspiration — she’s the progressor of this sport so to be in final with her was really special. Thank you to her!”