Uber is experiencing a worldwide outage and people are not coping!

POPULAR rideshare app Uber is currently experiencing a worldwide outage.

It’s understood the mass technical issues are being experienced in Australia, Europe, New Zealand, US and Canada.

It’s not only affecting the rideshare app, but also Uber Eats, with hangry customers taking to social media to vent their frustration.


Uber Support has confirmed the company is desperately working to resolve the issue.

“We’re sorry for the trouble. Our team is looking into this and working to resolve ASAP,” they wrote on Twitter.

According to multiple posts on social media, people are also reportedly being charged for trips they haven’t taken.

The Transport Workers Union has since come out declaring the company “must compensate drivers” following the outage.

“Uber must compensate any drivers who tried to log on to the app today and were not able to,” Tony Sheldon, TWU’s on-demand economy coordinator said in a statement.

“They must take responsibility for these lost wages. The loss of income will hurt them hard.”