UH OH! Does this seemingly-innocent photo reveal who wins The Bachelor?

The day die-hard Bachie fans have been waiting for has arrived – with pilot Jimmy set to finally reveal which lucky lady has stolen his heart.

The big finale is set to air on our TV screens tonight, however there’s rumours going around that Network Ten may have accidentally already let the winner slip.

Eagle-eyed fans of the reality show believe a photo shared on The Bachelor Australia’s social media pages today seemingly proves fan-favourite Holly will take home the final rose.


Why? Well a number of dedicated detectives* have pointed out that the pocket square Jimmy is wearing matches the finale dress worn by Sydney marketing manager Holly Kingston.

Exhibit A:


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Exhibit B:


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Personally, I believe it’s a bit hard to tell considering the pocket square is full of all kinds of different colours… But our sleuth Bachie fans are hardly ever wrong!

Another kind of convincing theory circulating also suggests that the winner of past Bachelor seasons is almost always standing on the left of the Bachelor in the final two promo photo.

And well, look what we have here…

PHOTO: The Bachelor Australia | TV Blackbox

So will Holly, who has been the bookies favourite since day dot ride off into the Sunset with Bachie, or will occupational therapist Brooke Cleal prove us all wrong?

Thankfully we only have to wait a few more hours to find out…

The Bachelor Australia finale begins at 7.30pm tonight on Channel Ten.