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UK cricketer who attacked wife gets £1,000 fine

So here’s some interesting news.

If you’re abusive and violent and you torment your loved ones, and you don’t want to give up that vile behavior but you also don’t want to go to jail, here’s a nifty little secret.

Just make sure you’re at least a little bit famous.


Or, that your wife is intelligent and smart and therefore doesn’t fit the stereotype of a typical ‘victim’.

These strategies have paid off brilliantly for 34-year-old cricket player Mustafa Bashir, who beat up his ex-wife with a cricket bat, forced bleach down her throat and ordered her to kill herself.

To be clear: this wasn’t a one-off offense. Bashir abused his former wife over a sustained period and isolated her from her family and friends.

To be even clearer: Bashir isn’t even trying to pretend that he didn’t do anything wrong. He pleaded guilty to two counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm at Manchester Court in England in March.

However at his sentencing, Judge Richard Mansell decided not to send Bashir to jail. Instead, the cricketer got slapped with a £1,000 fine and was told to attend a workshop about building better relationships.

The Judge justified his decision not to enforce a prison sentence by saying that he felt Bashir’s ex-wife was not “a vulnerable person” because she was “an intelligent woman with a network of friends”.

We’re starting to have big conversations about domestic violence and abuse in the home, and that’s great.

But when the justice system keeps handing out these ridiculous paltry sentences, it doesn’t say ‘we will not tolerate this any more’.

These are crimes.

Being violent towards anyone, let alone the people you’re meant to love most in the world, is a criminal act.

But the sentences these dogs receive don’t reflect that in. Instead, the message they send to the world is: “If you torment and abuse your wife, don’t worry about it – you’ll get a slap on the wrist and be sent on your merry way.”

Justice indeed.