The ultimate way to ditch your in-laws

NASA is presenting the world with an incredible solution to our unemployment woes. The US space program is on the lookout for potential farmers, teachers and explorers for their newest venture – and the most exciting part about these employment opportunities aren’t the jobs in particular, but the location of where you’ll be working.

These new jobs are offered to anybody interested in working on the planet Mars.

Yes, the planet Mars – the one that is located 225 million kilometres away from our home planet, Earth.


If you’re keen to get away from you’re in-laws, this is the ultimate relocation strategy!

NASA has confirmed “no scientific breakthroughs are required to send humans to Mars and to sustain life there”.

And so, they plan to colonise the planet in 2030.

If you fancy the notion of becoming an intergalactic farmer, you’ll note with glee that the American space program needs plenty of people to help them create civilisation on the red planet.

NASA plans on employing the best of the best in order to make this new settlement soar, and they’ve launched some pretty nifty recruitment posters to generate interest.

Sure, this is one mighty form of a sea change – but it comes with the knowledge that, by moving planets and carrying out these simple jobs, you’re completely changing the course the history as we know it. You could even be the universe’s first known space courier, if Elon Musk has his way!

But seriously – am I the only one that thinks the fact that we’ll soon be able to plant our space boots on the surface of a whole new planet and start fresh is awe-inspiring?

We are officially ushering in an era that our ancestors wouldn’t have even dreamt about. In a generation’s time, our kids and their kids could be routinely travelling through space, Jetsons-style!

And imagine being the first farmer on Mars, or the first teacher? Those are some serious bragging rights at your high school reunion.

Of course, you’ll be stuck on Mars and unable to attend your high school reunion. But you can rest assured that no one from your high school would ever be able to top that!