Unbelievable Michael Jackson impersonator is sending the internet bonkers

Fans of a Michael Jackson impersonator are calling for DNA tests to prove he isn’t actually the King of Pop himself.

Sergio Cortez is a Spanish impersonator, recreating the ‘Man in the Mirror’ tour all over the world for Michael Jackson fans.

But the resemblance is UNCANNY. We legit cannot pick it.


And neither can his fans!

“This almost unbelievable if I didn’t hear the accent,” writes one on Instagram.

“You are God’s gift to us #MichaelJackson fans. Just you keep walking the MoonWalk…” writes another.

And then quite eerily… ‘I knew he wasn’t dead,’ from some.

Today alone, after vast media attention over the last couple of days, Sergio’s Instagram has grown by another 20,000 people.

And the conspiracy theories are going WILD.

Some reckon Michael Jackson faked his own death and now works as his own impersonator to lay low.

Others think Sergio is a long lost twin, or that Jacko made a clone of himself and set him wild on the world, or that he was reincarnated!

Now fans are calling for urgent DNA tests to confirm that Sergio doesn’t actually have a connection to the Jacksons (and if it turns out he doesn’t, i’ll be asking for the name of his plastic surgeon. Because wow, art.)

See for yourself, can you spot the difference?


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