Uncle Tobys fined over misleading protein claims in oats

Think your oats are packed full of protein? Well if you are a fan of Uncle Tobys Oats, you may have been deceived.

The manufacturer and and distributor of Uncle Tobys Oats, Cereal Partners Australia, has been fined $32,200 because of misleading protein claims made on the packaging of its Traditional and Quick Sachet oats.

Uncle Tobys Quick Sachet Oats claim they are a “natural source of protein, superfood” while Uncle Tobys Traditional Oats claim they are “naturally rich in protein, superfood”.


However the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said the claims were false or misleading because they were only true when the oats were combined with milk.

Cereal Partners Australia said in a statement that Uncle Tobys will no longer carry the misleading claims on their packaging. “The company was no longer using claims that were the subject of ACCC infringement notices, confirming that it had changed its packaging and stopped television advertising that used the claims,” the statement read.