Uncomfortable positions meant to be good for us

BENDING and stretching will be back in vogue on the Gold Coast this week.

The Yoga Room at Burleigh Heads will host a yoga expert from Thursday.

Author of the best seller ‘Yoga, The Iyengar Way’- and listed in ‘The Best of British Women’ for her work in alternative health, Mira Mehta is more than a yoga teacher, she is living proof that yoga works.


It is common knowledge” she writes “that Yoga promotes health and well-being. Having stood the test of time, this ancient subject is enjoying unprecedented popularity, no doubt because people feel the need to counter the pressures of modern living”.

What’s not so well known is that Yoga can also alleviate mental health issues such as depression and mood disorders.

“The definition of Yoga, as given by the two-thousand-year old authority Patanjali, is the restraining of the mind. This is a definition in the realm of psychology. It stems from the recognition that consciousness has waves that fluctuate constantly according to moods, thoughts and desires”.

She certainly practices what she preaches. Mira’s light of clarity, extends to graduating in anthropology and linguistics from London University, gaining a master’s degree in Sanskrit and Indian Religion from Oxford, and pursuing further studies in yoga philosophy, ayurveda, and Sanskrit.

Mira Mehta has a profound proficiency in philosophy, postures, and Yoga therapy. Her workshop, ‘Progressing in Yoga’, will incorporate all these aspects to achieve yoga’s goal- inner peace. This is a rare opportunity to learn the ancient art of yoga from a modern day master.

Mira Mehta will be conducting her workshops at the Yoga Room at Burleigh Heads from 13th- 17th August.