Under water or splashing? You be the judge of this viral photo

MUCH like the blue-black/white-gold dress that caused debate around the world, people now want to know: is she or isn’t she?

A photo of a little girl has gone viral, as people ponder if she’s splashing in shallow water or actually under water in a pool.

The photo was uploaded by Imgur user Maskari, with the caption: ‘This girl looks like she’s underwater and jumping into water at the same time.’  It’s since had thousands of shares and millions of views.


The image only shows the girl and the water, with bubbles/water drops near her face.

But her dry hair, position of her pony tail and shadows have many people leaning towards the choice of shallow water splashing… But arguments the other way would also make sense.

You be the judge…

Image: maskari

Image: maskari