Undersea earthquake triggers fears of a tsunami in Bali; No warning current

A STRONG undersea earthquake has struck off the coast of Indonesia, sparking immediate fears of a tsunami.

The preliminary magnitude 5.7 quake was detected roughly 125km northeast of Surabaya, in East Java.

Geoscience Australia said the quake struck at a depth of around 600km and estimated that it could have been felt by people up to 320km away.


(Geoscience Australia www.ga.gov.au)

No official tsunami warnings have been issued – however – locals and tourists in the area have taken to social media to express their concern after feeling the ground move.

Locals living near the Mount Agung volcano in Bali were also evacuated amid fears of an imminent eruption.

It’s understood authorities have more than doubled the size of the evacuation zone around the volcano as a precuation.