Unemployment remains high across QLD

Queensland retains the second-highest unemployment rate across the country, despite more than 12,000 people finding work in October.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics released its latest figures today, which show our unemployment rate rose 0.1 per cent last month.

There are currently two-and-a-half million people employed in Queensland and Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk wants us to embrace a spirit of “hope and opportunity”.


Ms Palaszczuk added Labor had created more than 100,000 jobs in Queensland since being elected saying voters wouldn’t forget the jobs Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls cut when he was treasurer.


However, Mr Nicholls returned serve, saying Queensland was the only state in Australia to see its unemployment rate go back during last 12 months.

“The national unemployment rate is down to 5.4 per cent, while New South Wales is at 4.6 per cent …  but here in Queensland it’s 6 per cent,” Mr Nicholls said in a statement.

“Only Tasmania is doing worse than we are.”