Uni fees to double in attempts to steer students towards job relevant courses

The federal government is overhauling university fees as it tries to steer people into degrees that lead to jobs.

It comes as universities predict record numbers of applications for study in 2021, with students hoping to up skill for jobs.

During the coronavirus crisis, youth unemployment has soared to 16.1 percent, with young people’s jobs making up 45 percent of the jobs lost in May alone.


So the government’s making sure that students are directed into courses that have a higher likelihood of getting a job on completion.

Subjects such as agriculture, maths and nursing will be slashed by as much as 62 percent, while more popular degrees within humanities are expected to double in cost.

Senior Minister Peter Dutton has told The Today Show that it’s a much needed step.

“In this economy, were predicting that we need huge numbers of aged care nurses, more maths teachers, and we’re going to create 100,000 new university places over the next ten years.

“And that’s the reform the economy needs at the moment so that we can help people train up and get into those new jobs,” Minister Dutton said.

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Good work!
Educate for the future not just the Yuppies who think protests are part of their courses.
10s of thousands out there with a degree in nothing that will assist the country or themselves let alone paying back the billions in outstanding Hecs fees.