Unicorn Golden Gaytimes actually exist and we’ve got the scoop on where to get ’em!

All of our unicorn-filled dreams have finally come true thanks to Golden Gaytime.

Streets Ice Cream have weaved their magic and come up with the dreamy concoction that is the Unicorn Gaytime and I don’t think our rainbow-loving hearts can handle this much goodness today!

News started surfacing of the new ice-creams earlier this week, however it isn’t until now that we’ve actually been able to find one in its natural environment.


Jump on your unicorn and fly into Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast, because we’ve been given word that Coles has stocked up on the limited edition treats!

Golden Gaytime Unicorn

PHOTO: Supplied by Pacific Fair

Much to our delight, there are reports coming in that several Coles and Woolworths stores across the country may also have these multi-coloured Golden Gaytimes in their freezers.

Golden Gaytime

PHOTO: Supplied by Pacific Fair

The word is they’re selling out fast though – so you better get on your unicorn and head down to your local supermarket before they become a legend.