Union comments on Gold Coast bus attack

THE Transport Workers Union has commented on the vicious attack of a passenger on a Gold Coast bus.

TWU State Secretary Peter Biagini said Tuesday’s incident is unacceptable and could have been handled better, had the government invested in driver and passenger safety.

‘This behaviour is unacceptable, yet it happens all to often, especially against bus drivers,’ Mr Biagini said.


[blockquote]See the video of the bus attack[/blockquote]

‘The claims this morning that the driver should have intervened are also not acceptable. We support the company policy for the driver to remain in their seat, not put themselves in harms way and remain in control of the vehicle for the protection and safety of other passengers.’

‘Drivers are damned if they intervene and damned if that don’t,’ Mr Biagini said.

Surfside Buses Operations Manager Les Manson agreed, saying all the driver has to do is follow policy, which means he or she needs to find a safe place to pull over and then phone ‘control’.  Someone else will then decide whether to call Security or the Police Service.

‘If this government really cared about public safety, they would have installed duress alarms to assist drivers and help protect the passengers.’

‘But calls for duress alarms have fallen on deaf ears ever since the Newman Government was elected,’ Mr Biagini said.

‘If the driver had a duress alarm, he could have sounded it and police or security be alerted and on their way.’

‘This is a shocking situation that should not happen.’

‘The driver has the full support of the TWU for not breaking company policy nor putting himself in harms way.’

Transport and Main Roads Minister has been contacted for a response.