University of Queensland reworking failed one-dose vaccine

Queensland’s hopes of developing a Covid vaccine seem to have been revived, with revelations the University of Queensland researchers are reworking their failed formula.

The formula had to be cancelled during trials last year after some patients returned false-positive results for HIV due to an issue with some of the proteins used.

Despite Australia now rolling out the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines, Newscorp reports that UQ researchers are still confident their one-jab dose can prove more effective.


The formula can also be kept at normal fridge temperature as well, which differs from the Pfizer jab that has to be kept at -70 degrees.

Researchers are keen to keep developing the vaccine but would need significant funding to get back to human trials.

It’s understood there’s an interest to progress the development of this jab further, with a recent study showing that it would be more effective than our other two vaccines.

However, at this rate, the technology would more likely be used as a vaccine booster for Covid in future, or as a vaccine for other diseases.

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The problems with AstraZeneca didn’t manifest until it was being used to mass vaccinate. We already have at least 5 vaccines approved. Also as a journalist it’s possibly a good idea to put the full truth about Pfizer vaccines out there. The Pfizer vaccine CAN be stored in a normal fridge for up to 5 days it is LONG TERM storage and transport where it needs extreme refrigeration.

Isn’t it past time Australiian governments and the public backed Australian research, innovation and enterprise, given that we now know other nations will not hesitate to use trade to a) look after themselves first, and b) bully us into submission.