Unprecedented fines for Victorians after 439 new cases, 11 deaths

Victoria has just introduced the largest on-the-spot fine for those caught breaching isolation orders, as the state’s daily case numbers remain steady.

439 new infections were recorded overnight, while 11 people have sadly passed away.

All the deaths were in people over the age of 70, and all cases were in relation to aged care facilities.


It comes as the Premier unveils the new powers given to police, to ensure new lock down measures are adhered to.

The most important is a new on-the-spot fine of just under $5,000, which can be issued by police to those caught breaching their self isolation orders.

It is the largest on-the-spot fine in Victoria’s history, and Premier Daniel Andrews says it’s necessary to ensure the safety of Victorians.

The message is clear. You will be door-knocked. You will be visited. If you’re not at home you will be fine fined.

“The fine is $1,652 but there’s an opportunity for police to fine you on the spot $5,000 and for particularly selfish behaviour, the opportunity to take you to court where the maximum penalty is, in fact, $20,000.

“To avoid a fine, to keep your family safe, to keep every family safe, to get to the other side of this faster, please do the right thing, please make better decisions, and again, thank you so much to all of those who are,” the Premier said this morning. 

It comes after shocking revelations last week, with the Australian Defence Force reporting that 1 in 4 positive cases weren’t at home when they were door-knocked.

Police have also reported a shocking assault on one of their officers, after they questioned a woman who was not wearing a mask.