Unusually hot days coming for the Gold Coast this week

The Gold Coast is bracing for a couple of stinking hot days this week.

While we could still see a few showers today and tomorrow, we’re being told to prepare for some scorching conditions as temperatures across the coast look to soar to tops in the mid 30s.

The Weather Bureau says we could see temperatures hit 33 degrees on parts of the coast between the Seaway and Coolangatta, though Vinord Anand from the Weather Bureau says temperatures inland will climb even higher.


“Certainly the further inland you go the warmer it gets, we’re expecting about 35 to 36 degrees around the Coomera area on Wednesday,” he said.

The hot temps aren’t the usual weather behaviour for the coast at this time of the year, but Mr Anand says it does happen from time to time.

“Not quiet normal for February temperatures, though we do often see fairly warm or even hot days in February,” he said.

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