Gold Coast border breacher claims condition was ‘exaggerated’

The unvaccinated Gold Coast man who put all of Queensland on COVID-19 alert after illegally crossing the border has spoken for the first time.

Duran Raman has now been released from hospital after testing positive to the virus last month following a trip to virus-ravaged Melbourne.

Despite spending two weeks in hospital, including time on oxygen, the 36-year-old claims the Premier and Chief Health Officer lied about how bad his condition was.


Speaking to Nine Gold Coast News, Raman accused health officials of “exaggerating”.

“I was fine, I was fine. They were exaggerating it like something stupid,” he said.

“It wasn’t like I was on my death bed needing high-flow oxygen.

“It wasn’t that bad, I was a little bit crook… a little bit fluey.”

Asked if he owed anyone an apology, Raman admitted he is sorry for his actions.

“Yeah, probably everyone in Queensland,” he said.

“For not doing the right thing and how I went about it.”

Labelled the state’s public enemy number one, Raman said his aim is to now be “Queensland’s public friend number one”.