Up to 100 workers to lose their jobs on Jewel development

The CFMEU is concerned up to 100 workers on the billion dollar Jewel development could lose their jobs heading into Christmas.

Workers returned to the site today after a full safety audit last week.

Three men were hospitalised after a large steel structure fell on them in the basement of the development.


CFMEU’s Gold Coast official Scott Vink confirmed the safety audit has been completed and there were no major issues found.

What’s of more concern to the union official is the uncertainty of the future for workers on the site.

“A lot of people have lost their jobs in recent weeks and moving into Christmas there’ll be more,” he told MyGC.

“There’s approximately been 50 to 100 in the last month and it could be the same over the next few weeks.”

“The majority of these are related to the jobs that have been put on hold.”

It follows a series of disputes between workers and Jewel’s developer Yuhu group.

A number of sub-contract workers have been let go after the developer changed the plans for the design and build of the building.

This prompted a mass walk-off and a resolution between tradies and the developer is yet to be found.