UPDATE | Fire danger heats up with temps set to soar on the Gold Coast

UPDATE 5/11/16 7:37AM | The mercury is set to soar on Saturday, meaning the beaches, pools and dams will probably be packed.

The predicted top at the Seaway is 32 degrees, while Coomera and Nerang residents are expected to swelter through a high of 36.

Forecaster Shaun Fitzgerald said “a lot of places along the south east coast are five to seven degrees above average today [Saturday] so it is quite warm”.


The change is the result of a trough system that’s going to be moving through during the day and it’s directing air from the inland and north, sending hot dry air our way.

Mr Fitzgerald said it is perfect Spring weather “you’ll get a trough come through and behind it, it will be quite dry”.

“There is an upside to the heat, once this trough moves through you’ll find that the dry air means a lot of heat can escape overnight so you’ll have a cool night to compensate for the warm day.

Coastal winds are also set to gather strength with the Bureau of Meteorology warning “places like the Gold Coast have got winds offshore up to 25 knots and that’s into Sunday as well”.

Mr Fitzgerald added “there’s some stronger seas with that but the swell is quite light, so just keep an eye out for those winds if you are going out onto the water”.

Tuesday will be another warm day. BOM saying we will see another trough, sending tops to between 33 and 35 degrees.

The current fire danger is ‘very high’.

EARLIER 4/11/16 4:33PM | FIREFIGHTERS across southeast Queensland are urging residents to be vigilant over the coming days with hot temperatures combined with low humidity predicted to create heightened fire activity.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology’s latest forecast, temperatures are expected to top 33 degrees celsius in Surfers Paradise tomorrow and 36 in Nerang and Coomera.

Rural Fire Service South Eastern Regional Manager Alan Gillespie said these conditions were the first of this level for the season and asked everyone to get on board to help keep the community safe.

“With very high fire danger across the southeast coast over the weekend, we’re asking residents to take extra care, be alert, and help to prevent bushfires,” Mr Gillespie said.

Mr Gillespie urged landowners planning on conducting hazard reduction burns this weekend to postpone them until weather conditions improve.

“I encourage anyone in need of a permit to light fire, when they should undertake hazard reduction burns or after tips on the best bushfire preparations practices, to check in with their local fire warden or rural fire brigade,” he said.

“While it is useful to know overall conditions for the region, the most valuable information comes from knowing the situation at a very local level,” he said.

“Your local fire warden and rural fire brigades are very approachable members of your community and are all full of valuable information which could greatly help you and your family prepare.”

Mr Gillespie has also asked residents to be careful using power tools and machinery outdoors over the weekend and into early next week.

“A spark from a power tool or heat from a tractor exhaust could be enough to spark a bushfire,” he said.

“Unless it is absolutely necessary, please avoid any activity that could start a fire.

“If residents need to use a fire for cooking or heating, ensure it is contained in a well-constructed fire pit with a clear area around it.”

Mr Gillespie said it was important that fires are monitored at all times and for a working water hose or buckets of water to be on hand to contain any breakouts.

Any fires of concern should be reported immediately by phoning Triple Zero (000).

Visit ruralfire.qld.gov.au to locate your local fire warden, keep updated on fire danger ratings and information on bushfire preparation.