UPDATE | Hiker helped out of Gold Coast hinterland after fall

UPDATE 8:38AM | Turns out the rescue chopper wasn’t needed in the Gold Coast Hinterland on Sunday morning.

Emergency crews were called to Binna Burra on Saturday afternoon after two hikers strayed off the track.

Then one fell down a waterfall, hurting his leg.  Paramedics and Police eventually found the pair and spent the night out in the elements with them.


The plan was to winch the injured man out on Sunday morning but a medical check found he was okay to walk out with his rescuers.

EARLIER 5:47AM | A bushwalker is waiting to be winched out of Binna Burra.

He and a mate walked two hours off the track and got lost before one reportedly fell down a waterfall and injured his leg on Saturday.

Emergency crews were called at 4:20PM.  Paramedics and Police have spent the night with him.

They’re waiting for there to enough light so he can winched out by the rescue chopper.