Update on recovery of boy bitten by Taipain


The parents of the North Queensland boy who was bitten three times by a Coastal Taipan in Agnes Water last month  have posted an update to their sons Go Fund Me page.

Eli Campbell’s parents Giles Campbell and Brittany Cervantes are by the two-year-old’s side during his recovery.


The Go Fund Me page was set up by a family friend, and is at over half it’s target already.

Eli is undergoing his first week of therapy to he gain strength and control of his head and neck muscles, as well as relearning the most basic tasks such as sitting up straight and swallowing.


“His therapists are incredible with making him feel safe. Its in this chair we see the most smiles and hear the most giggles,”they said.

“This past weekend, Eli managed to sit out of bed for an hour and a half up to 3 hours! We would just do laps in the ward because if we stopped he would let me know how he felt!

“Eli finally felt the sun on his skin and the wind in his hair for the first time in 3 weeks.

“It was beautiful to see his eyes again.”

Mr Campbell wrote earlier that Eli had suffered from significant swelling on the brain, and was largely immobile.

“Giles and I are constantly battling memories of the past of our energetic, playful, hilarious, sensitive but strong little boy.

“They creep up on us at times during his sessions when we see our boy limp in someones arms as they carry him from bed to his stroller and while songs are being sung that he would normally sing along to.

The family now say they will have to make serious life changes to best adapt to their sons condition like a possible move to Brisbane and accessible additions to their home.

“We also realize that our boy has been incredibly strong and determined since the day he was born.

“I trust that there is fight in Eli, Giles and I see glimpses of our boy in that little body every day. We are here for him, every step of the way.”