UPDATE: Strong swell forces closure of Gold Coast beaches

UPDATE @ October 17 2017 8.30am | Heavy swell and strong inshore current has forced the closure of a majority of Gold Coast beaches.

All, except for Rainbow Bay, Greenmount and Currumbin, are no go zones today.

The dangerous conditions aren’t expected to ease until Thursday.


EARLIER @ October 16 2017 10.30am | It’s not exactly the kind of weather that makes you want to head to the beach but enthusiastic swimmers are being warned a number of beaches are closed today.

Chief Lifeguard Warren Young says Nobby Beach, Surfers Paradise and north of Surfers have been closed.

“These conditions are fairly blustery,” Young said.

“There’s a strong east swell coming in about 2-3 metres on the sets.”

A number of beaches, including Burleigh and Greenmount, are still open for those who are extra keen.

“Each beach is assessed individually at the moment,” Young added.

“There is a strong current and sweeps to the north so do check with lifeguards if you’re not sure.”

If you want to hit the water for a paddle, it looks like the southern beaches will be your best bet.

“It’s not really perfect for the experienced board riders. There are a few waves but it’s not quite as good as a southerly swell.”

“They’ll get waves at the southern point breaks though,” Young said.