Upgrade to Smith Street Motorway underway

THE final stage of road upgrades for the Gold Coast’s Health and Knowledge Precinct in Parkwood is now underway, with motorists warned to expect frequent changing traffic conditions until late 2015.

The third and final phase will upgrade the Smith Street Motorway, and a section of Olsen Avenue between the interchange and Crestwood Drive.

The interchange will also be upgraded to include a free-flowing loop to allow motorists to travel from southbound to westbound without being delayed at traffic signals.


The speed limit on the Smith Street Motorway has also been permanently reduced to 80km/h between the Pacific Motorway and Parklands Drive.

A speed limit of 60km/h will be applied to all roadwork zones regardless of road workers onsite, due to narrowed lanes and unfinished road surfaces.

See the full list of project features and benefits by searching “Smith Street Motorway” at www.tmr.qld.gov.au.

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To register, call the project team on 1800 600 163 or email GCConnectJV@seymourwhyte.com.au.