Urgent health alert after plane passenger tests positive to virus

A Melbourne man who travelled to Queensland while infectious with COVID-19 is the state’s only new case in the past 24 hours.

The case has sparked a major public health alert, with contact tracers now desperately working to track down everyone the man may have come into contact with.

Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young said the man, aged in his 20s, was infectious when he flew from Melbourne to Brisbane on a Virgin flight on Monday.


He then stayed overnight in Brisbane and mingled with about 15 family members and friends, before then flying to Bundaberg to work on a strawberry farm.

“This is a time for heightened alertness for all our population in Brisbane and Bundaberg,” Dr Jeannette Young said at a press conference on Saturday.

She has urged anyone who believes they may have come into contact with the man not to wait for a phone call from authorities and to immediately get tested.

“It is really really important for people who live in Brisbane or Bundaberg, don’t wait for a phone call from a contact tracer, if you’ve got any symptoms, now is the time to go and get tested,” Ms Young said.

“We know he was infectious when he flew into Brisbane on Monday and we’re now five to six days later, so now is when people will start showing symptoms.”

The flights the man travelled on are Virgin Flight VA313 from Melbourne to Brisbane on 1 June and Virgin Flight VA2905 from Brisbane to Bundaberg on 2 June.

“We ask that passengers of these flights, who have not already been contacted by Queensland Health, to call 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) and advise that you were a passenger on this flight,” Ms Young said.

Four people who the man shared accommodation with in Bundaberg have been tested and returned negative results for COVID-19.

“I’m waiting on a whole range of other tests to come back later today for other contacts,” Ms Young said.

Today’s case brings the state’s coronavirus total to 1061, with four cases still active.

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so how the f…did this happen – what about CLOSED BORDERS AND FORCED QUARANTINE…WTF?

They are only in place to inconvenience people and waste resources, not actually achieving anything.

I don’t understand how a man can travel from Melbourne, through border controls , land in Brisbane and not be made to self isolate or be put into quarantine.Does this rule/law apply only for travellers from affected countries??

Why do we have border restrictions for travelling by car when planes are allowed to travel back and forth to and from other states with no apparent checks? This makes nonsense of what all Queenslanders have been doing to stop the spread.

Whats this guys name….i wanna ask everyone i know if they know or been near this guy…urggg here we go again..and thousands of ppl today in brissy tooo urggggggggggg

Why was he allowed on the flight in the first place if he was infected…..”Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young said the man, aged in his 20s, was infectious when he flew from Melbourne to Brisbane on a Virgin flight on Monday.”………If they new he was infectious why allow him to board…..FFS!!!

this is the third time the Victorian public health team seem to have not been watching it’s positive patients. They have already sent 2 flights with known positive people back to QLD when no longer wanting to house positive Qlders who were isolating in Victoria when it was known they were positive.

There is alot of paranoia amongst ppl in state of v iictoria. The curvec been flattened so its time to let ppl out n mingle so that ppl gain immunity through exposure.I dont understand the logic ppl are allowed to protests in large groups but overcautious when just 2 person had it. What if at least 10 persons in the protests crowd had the virus, what can u do about it…nothing. About time ppl relax and if u catch it u certainly wont die. The only ppl the government should be concerned about at this time is the elderly. Who might have comorbidity issues.